Educational CD ROMs for knowledge empowerment, better understanding and object oriented interactive approach. Subjects recently introduced – Physics, Chemistry, and Geography for Class 9 and 10.
Instant referencing tool for word & phrases used in different subjects. Very helpful to the students right from Class 6 to 12. Currently Quick Reference is available on Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
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What is the computer hardware requirement for the software?

The minimum hardware configuration required for Classroom Series products to work is as under:

Pentium or equivalent
SVGA Colour Monitor (set at 800 X 600 pixels)
Minimum 50 MB free hard disk space
Sound Card with Speakers
CD ROM Drive

Performance speed of the software would increase by using better processor speed and additional RAM

What operating systems are best suitable?

Any one of the following Operating Systems would be suitable for Classroom Series products:

Windows 98 / ME / XP / NT / 2000

How is your product different from the existing products in the market?

Most of the educational CD ROMs available are more of an electronic book with colour pictures and animations for convenient reading and viewing. A few have question banks for testing oneself. Classroom Series – is very different in its approach. Apart from the rich content with convenient navigation tools, the product has simulated objects for highly interactive practical exercises specifically designed for each subject. The virtual laboratory for Physics & Chemistry actually provides you a platform to conduct experiments in same way, as you would have done at the school lab. These simulated objects add a new dimension to learning.

Do you have voiceover?

We believe that voiceovers are more of a disturbance when you are reading / viewing objects while going through the content matter. Instead of simple text repetition in form of a voiceover, we have effectively created voiced texts to stress on the important points relevant to the topic which can be played by clicking the sound icon (wherever it appears). These voiced texts add value to the written text rather than voicing it over.

Is the product interactive?

Interactivity is a highly misused term. Effective navigation, cross-links, organized menu system – all these features may be interpreted as interactive. However, the curriculum based Classroom Series products are interactive in the sense, it provides the students simulated objects to actually participate in practical based exercises, evaluate oneself with specific pointing out of weaknesses, reading of text with associated links to experiments, voice, glossary, additional notes, etc. It has been a bold attempt to probably redefine interactivity.

How is the product worth its price as compared to similar products available much cheaper in the market?

Pricing is always judged on the value it provides in relation to the purpose it was bought for. Most of the competitive products available, as discussed earlier, are more or less electronic books for on-screen reading. Do you think it is convenient to read on the computer screen as compared to a textbook? Research says, no. Classroom Series is different – with the kind of simulated interactivity it provides along with its power-packed features and rich content - makes each of its product stand out. Needless to say, the students have a lot to gain; moreover, it is a great tool for both teachers and parents. Can one ask for more?

How comprehensive is the question bank?

The question bank is probably one of the real strengths of Classroom Series. Each chapter / lesson is comprehensively covered in terms of good number of multiple types of objective questions. Apart from self-evaluation, the approach has been to actually pinpoint one’s weak areas and help in improving the same. Evaluation can be done on a single chapter / lesson or multiple chapters / lessons. Mind you, each time you question paper is different. So attempt as many times.

How does your product actually improve the understanding of the student?

Self-evaluation exercises are systematically recorded for each user separately. This can be used to track the history of performances and at the same time mark out the areas of weakness of the student. It becomes easy for the student as well as the parent / teacher to concentrate in addressing these weaknesses for improved performance and better understanding of the subject.

Which syllabus are you following?

The curriculum based products under Classroom Series (9 & 10), typically covers most of Secondary School Syllabus with emphasis on ICSE & CBSE.

It seems that your CD does not cover some of the topics of our Board’s syllabus. Why should I still buy it?

The approach and design of the software is such that slight deviations in the syllabus really does not matter – as the simulated environment provided is unique and beyond the limitations of any specific syllabus. Textbook reading is never discouraged – which should normally take care of the relevant syllabus. Our objective is to provide you a platform for better understanding, clearing your concepts and improve performance. A few topics not covered really do not matter, as what is covered, will really make the difference.

How detailed is the coverage of the each chapter?

Each chapter / lesson has been planned in a way to provide a crisp and to-the-point coverage of the relevant subject matter. It is linked to different objects and details as and where required. It can be excellent tool for quick revision. However, for typical prose type reading, the prescribed textbooks are recommended.

Do you think that I can eliminate the textbook and totally depend on your product for my studies?

It is not recommended to eliminate your prescribed textbooks. Classroom Series aims to add value to existing education system by bringing in simulated objects thus adding a new dimension to the modern approach to education.

How is your product suitable for teachers?

Most teachers are always on a lookout for enhancing the quality of delivery of education / knowledge to its students. With its highly innovative approach, teachers can genuinely benefit in adding value to their teaching repository.

How is your product suitable for students?

Well products under Classroom Series have been specifically designed and developed for the student community. If used seriously, we assure better understanding, clearer concepts, simpler preparation and improved performance.

How is your product suitable for parents?

Most of the parents seem hopelessly helpless in assisting their children specially as they grow and reach the higher classes. They are compelled to accept the academic related issues on face value as to what either the teacher or the children have to say. However, with Classroom Series, the parents can actually help themselves in their satisfaction levels in the child’s preparation for the examinations by effectively using the performance analyzer and pinpoint problem areas.

Where can I buy your products?

Classroom Series products is steadily reaching the different retail outlets across India and shortly would also be available in other countries. You have the simple option to buy the product on-line using the credit card and/or other payment means – this will ensure delivery of the product at your doorstep.

Can I buy on-line directly from the website of Classroom Series?

Yes you can buy the products on-line directly from the website of Classroom Series. Click Here to order.

How can I associate myself with your company to resell your products?

We are always looking for dynamic organizations / individuals who could promote / retail the product at different locations in India & overseas. Click Here to send us your profile and we shall be glad to evaluate and proceed further in the matter.

What kind of after sale support do you provide?

The products have been reasonably tested to ensure minimum support requirement in its usage. However, in case of any problem being faced by any user, do send us an email explaining the type of problem being faced by you. We will help you in sorting out the problem. It is highly recommended that before logging in a complaint – check out the hardware configuration, satisfactory working of the CD Drive and above all proper virus free installation of the Operating System.

In case the product does not work, do you replace it?

We shall replace any product that is damaged and not working owing to media problems. However, if the product does not work on any specific system for unknown reasons, the same shall not be replaced. However, we shall help in trouble-shooting and assist you in making the product work.

With the regular changes in the syllabus, how are you going to update it?

Each new reprint for the different product titles, we shall be regularly updating the topics based on the syllabus requirements.

What are the new titles that are expected?

The Classroom Series development team is currently working on the following:

History (9 & 10)
Biology (9 & 10)
General Science (6,7,8)
Social Science (6,7,8)
Host of illustrative workshops / activity materials

Do you have any plans for using the Internet as a platform for your products?

We are still in the process in devising a strategy for the Internet keeping in mind the real needs of the student and the academic community at large.

Who are the developers of your products?

Classroom Series is a creation of:

Jaya Computers & Softwares Ltd.
20 Old Court House Street
Kolkata 700001

Apart from this, have you developed any other products?

Jaya Softwares – as is popularly known is in the software business since 1990 and to its credit are some of the leading software products that it has development. It includes – Shubh Labh (for Stock Brokers), Blue Chip (Personal Investment Manager), Miller (Flour & Rice Mills) & Exact (Business Accounting).

Who are involved on the academic side of your development?

Dr. D K Banerjee is the Academic Consultant & Project Director for Classroom Series. Currently he is the Principal of Tribeni Tissues Vidyapith (ITC Ltd.). Dr Banerjee is one the senior academicians in Physics & Mathematics and is involved in teaching the secondary and higher secondary students. In his thirty-eight years of teaching experience, Dr. Banerjee has spent around twenty-two years at La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata as the Head of Physics Dept.

Under the leadership of Dr. Banerjee, we have a panel of subject teachers and consultants for ensuring academic excellence and superiority in each of the Classroom Series products.

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