Educational CD ROMs for knowledge empowerment, better understanding and object oriented interactive approach. Subjects recently introduced – Physics, Chemistry, and Geography for Class 9 and 10.
Instant referencing tool for word & phrases used in different subjects. Very helpful to the students right from Class 6 to 12. Currently Quick Reference is available on Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
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 Time Almanac 

A very useful tool to get the concept on standard time and local time. It provides the both these times for major capital cities across the globe. Further, checkout detailing of each city and the time difference with respect to your geographical position. You will really enjoy it!!

 Find Capital 

An interactive session for testing your knowledge on state capitals and once you correctly identify, go ahead and point on the map – you have just ten seconds!! Similar sessions on other subject matter are available to you to work on.


Instead of identifying different industries on the printed map having a maze of icons, use this interactive tool for pointing locations for the selected industry. A very interesting approach … you will find it hard to forget. Similar to this, you have a number of such interactive location pointing exercises.

 Rain Calendar

We hear about the monsoon approaching and the meteorological department also predicts specific dates for different places. This calendar, will actually show you the approach of the monsoon … you can guess as to when thunderstorm can be expected in the region you live.


Checkout on the different rivers through this interactive pointing system. A very convenient approach to channelise you in the right direction. This is followed at most places for your better retention.

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